Unravel the mystery of me and live a purposeful life 
Elevate my mind and unlock boundless possibilities
Use my gifts and talents as a force for the good of others
Build the life and business of my dreams
Rise up to a challenge and conquer even with a broken hip
Have everything I desire and still be a blessing onto others
Lead a more abundant life fueled by grace and flow
Inspire others to look at their world in a way they had not before
Be the change I want to see in the world.

Well not really, considering the fact that I have a first name. I think my father foresaw the tongue-twisting that may result from the pronunciation of my first name so gave me a bonus name as a brilliant solution. #bestofbothworlds.

My first name is Omoshola, It means a child of complete abundance, and if that is a bit of a tongue twister, just call me Victoria. Heck, my son calls me Omo-SHOWER, so I totally understand.

I am like a crazy professor when it comes to reading, testing, researching, coming up with new ways to make life easier and conversations more endearing. (I just love the idea of digging for treasure in the human mind). 

Here are some other not-so-fun facts about me:

My kids think I am the best invention since the world came into existence, so I am constantly drenched in accolades every single day. Can you imagine the boost your ego gets from hearing that all day? Sometimes my husband has to call me out on my BS when I get ahead of myself, although I know he thinks I am the best too, he’s just #scared to admit it.

In high school, I was dubbed the Nubian queen of conversations due to my ability to captivate my classmates with my stories.
Over the last 10 years, I have worked in different roles from Business Development, Digital communications, Training and development HR, Event Planning, Sales and Marketing as well as running my own business.
My accent is an exotic mix of Nigerian, Caribbean and sometimes British. Don't ask me how that happened. Even I don't understand.

I live in beautiful New Zealand. So I get to see the sunrise before the rest of the world. #humblebrag

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